Corporate hire

Outdoor team building activities and events that are perfect for any corporate team away trip.



As we are within such a short distance from Manchester city center, we thought why on earth are people we know going on team building exercises in stuffy rooms when we have all this outdoor space that can be used, even when its raining we have enough covered areas to use. when we have everything they need just here! With the added bonus of being such a short drive from the office.

We have given you some ideas below of what we can offer, but at the end of the day, we can accommodate your needs so just give us a call, or email and we can discuss further with you.

The Paddock is an ideal location for events such as exclusive hire, yoga weekends etc.  Please contact Charlotte or call us on 01706 489 486 

"groups of up to 10"

We hold "day events" for small groups in our safari tent, its perfect for a change of scenery and also to get out in the fresh air for a meeting or training event.

Human Pyramid
Starting a Bonfire

"for up to 20 and beyond"

Outdoor Cooking

Our yurts and safari tents are perfect for any size group, plus if you're making this into a couple of days then we will just add on more sleeping accommodation to make sure all your guests are perfectly happy and have their own "downtime" space.

Most of our guests just stay for the day, however each event is tailored specifically to your needs.

We have a selection of great covered outdoor spaces should it be raining, as Grandad Rothwell says, "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing"!!


its all about the food.....

We try our best to shop local and also use local, pretty much everything we provide is sources locally, we also have some great restaurants in Ramsbottom that offer outside catering, such as Levanter, they offer delicious tapas and paella cooked on site.  We also have lots of options for afternoon teas, BBQ's, pizza making etc and all of which could be incorporated in to a team building event.

Soccer Team


You wouldn't believe the local talent we have in Ramsbottom, so many amazing entertainers have roots here, even Howard from Take That lived on the top road at one point!, however i think he got sick of the girls sat on his garden wall so moved HA HA

Never the less we have great singers, magicians, rope walkers, fire eaters and many more brilliant entertainers to suit your needs.

"bush craft"

We have an amazing team of  very skilled people that can host a wide range of activities that involve working together to create and craft and a variety of really cool outdoorsy things, along with survival skills and even cooking with things that you can find whilst out and about on walks around the area.

As you might not already know Ramsbottom is where you can find wild garlic growing, its really nice and we are very fond off the wild garlic pesto, which is very easy to make when you know how!

"staying over"

We have it covered, after all its "What we do" here at The Paddock 

We can accommodate upto 54 people comfortably in our glamping units and pop up bell tents, whatever your needs we have them all taken care of. 


As of 2021 we will have Wi-fi available on site, so you might be out of the office but you wont have to un-contactable if you dont want to be.


* Blind folded tent pitching


*Human sheep herding



*Smart phone treasure hunt

*Its a knockout

Treat your teams to unbearable laughter with our most popular outdoor activity- It's a Knockout! We own the original costumes, inflatables, and props from the popular BBC series. This means an authentic It's a Knockout experience for your teams. Unique, out of control, and a lot of fun, It's a Knockout is a total scream that offers the teams an experience they won't forget.

Have something a little more mellow on your mind for your next corporate team building activity? How about building bikes for charity? Not only would this activity reinforce team spirit in your employees, it's a great chance to work together for a worthy cause. Not to forget, this activity earns your business a ton of CSR brownie points.

Eco-shelter Building, Diamond Heist, Human Logo, Medieval Mayhem, Olympic Challenges, the list goes on. We have outdoor team building activity ideas to suit every team size, and every unique need.

Give us a call with your requirements, the kind of activities you prefer, and your preferred location, and rest easy while we make everything happen seamlessly. When it comes to quality outdoor team building challenges, think Off Limits!