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"LET'S GO CAMPING"  is my all time favourite three words that can come out of my 10 year olds mouth. We have camped all over and before she came along I would go with friends for weekends  away all over the place, you either love it or hate it right!

We have lived on the farm for over 20 years and have often had little camping weekends when friends came to visit as its always much more fun than staying in the house and The Paddock is flat, which is somewhat unheard of around here, so perfect for tents.

We were approached in 2015 by Ramsbottom Festival to host the camping for their weekend event so of course we jumped at the chance "Eye just up our street" (the words of Grandad Rothwell) we purchased a small toilet & shower block and well, the rest is history!

2017 was our first full season our toilets and showers had a full overhaul and we added two beautiful yurts and two bell tents to our collection (Belle & Bertie).

2018 we doubled our Glamping pitches, with everything very more luxurious, new log burners in the Yurts, upgraded Bertie to a Luxury Bell tent and added Jasmine, a 5mtr Moroccan style bell tent along with our quirkiest of glamping spaces, Bill & Ben.  Our Basic bell tent had been now given an outdoor seating and an entrance shelter for rainy days.  Not to mention the increased 'Extras', including the BBQ and Breakfast packs! You can even add these if you are camping.

We also were delighted to have been included on the Coolcamping, Glampingly, Glampsites, Not On The High Street, Airbnb, Pitch up and many other websites, which was fabulous news. 


2019 season-

So whenever we go "just for a look" to the Glamping show, we always come back with something.  We have been so pleased with Bill & Ben, our Landpods we got for this season that we have added Landpods newest pod to our collection for the 2019 season. Welcome "Polly" to the family, she's just great and can sleep a family or group of 5 very comfortably and can easily be booked with the other Landpods, Bill & Ben, to create a large Glamping space for up to 9. Just perfect!  I've stayed myself and she's lovely!

2020- COVID-19.... lets just not say much about that, we weren't opening at all, then all of a sudden we had a mad rush to get everything ready and we finally managed to open, just 3 short months, but my gosh VERY busy. We thank all of you that came and enjoyed what can only be described as a really s#1t year, at least we managed to give our guests a little holiday, so be it in Ramsbottom, we had a pretty sunny summer.

The "Honesty Shed" has arrived!! this is a godsend to us all, stocked up with all the little things you might need, wood, charcoal, matches, tent pegs, marshmallows, water, juice, Lancashire crisps and many more bits and bobs.  

Throughout summer we are making the sheep pen larger, we have to keep taking the boys out of then pen as they often eat all the grass and need to move back to the farm fields, so we are making this pen much larger, taking it around the outside of 3/4 of the site.  This will mean that we will never have any disappointed children who want to stroke and have long chats to Charlie and Boris. 

2021 We added The Safari tent, this replaced our small Bell tent, now everyone loves this, it really has taken Glamping to another level!

2022 - We started with our tree planting, over winter we planted over 100 trees, which is crazy to think how we could fit these on this little site, but we can. We are concentrating o making the walkways have little hedges or fedges, so this is pretty hard work, most of the trees did make it, but unfortunately some didn't.

2023- Tree's, Tree's and more Tree's! still on with the ever growing hedges and fedges... you will see a lot of "under construction"  fedges this season... but its good to see them taking shape.

We are awaiting the new glamping unit that will take over the "Bill & Ben" pods, so this will be another bonus for this year, how exciting.

We are also hoping to have a local forager start doing some walks etc, which will be wonderful as we have so many delights to gather in the area, keep an eye out for this!

We remind you that this is a working farm, we have tractors, sheep, cows, horses, cats, dogs and the odd noisy Chicken or two so we can't promise a completely quiet stay but we hope that all the animals will be on their best behaviour when you're here!


The Original Farmhouse "KAYS COTTAGE" dates way, way back to as far as the doomsday book. We have a great history with this house along with a ghost or two!! John Kay (17 June 1704 – c. 1779) who was the  inventor of  The Famous Flying Shuttle, which was a key contribution to the Industrial Revolution, was indeed a resident here and if you are staying in the B&B room (coming soon) be sure to make a wish in the well and keep an eye out for Mr Kay himself!!!

If you're coming to stay around spring time we will always have a lamb to bottle feed and they love nothing more than a big cuddle. (They are not sure if they are lambs or puppies!)


BBQ's & Fire pits 
available to hire 
hot Shower

"We can't wait to come back next year. Absolutely loved the site.  All the little touches were appreciated." J. Gamble

"Thank you for having us yet again as always a pleasure to be at such a beautiful location with such beautiful people." K.Grime

"Fantastic location, easy access and great views!". L. Ashburner

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